The Speciousness of Obama’s Pronouncements

A few weeks ago Obama employed all of his mellifluous rhetoric to distort the pages of history and use Sir Winston Churchill as a model of how to conduct an ethical war by boldly stating that Churchill never resorted to torture during WW II.

It depends on how you identify torture. Churchill’s went far beyond the quibbling verbal gymnastics we are currently engaged in to torment ourselves over the Clintonian masterpiece of parsing made indelibly clear with his thesis on “what is is?”

There are two prime examples that illustrate Churchill’s philosophy that nothing is “beyond the pale” if it leads to total victory. The first was an air campaign conducted by Air Chief Marshall Harris in which British bombers saturated German cities for several years with massive carpet bombing air raids that murdered millions of citizens in the firestorm conflagrations. In fact, the annihilation of the cities of Dresden and Cologne are two of the most horrendous stories of WW II. There was very little military or industrial damage done during these raids and, in fact, German military production increased throughout  that period.

  The second example was the Poison Gas episode that literally demolished the Italian port city of Bari on December 2, 1943. A German air raid destroyed 17 U S Merchant Marine ships anchored in the harbor, several of which were loaded with ammunition and, in specific,  one with poison gas to be deployed in the Italian campaign. The enormous explosions caused fearsome casualties and this was compounded by the spread of the mustard gas throughout the area. Hundreds of American and Allied service men were killed along with countless civilians and the final count was never determined since a cloud of high level security surrounded the British plan to introduce mustard gas. It wasn’t until the eighties that the event became declassified and details gradually emerged of that tragedy. Suffice it to say that to this very day we Merchant Marine Vets of WW II still honor December 2, 1943 as our “Little Pearl Harbor” day.

Both of these preceding epic events go way beyond our absurd parsing of words over torture. Furthermore, it is incomprehensible to believe that British Commandos and others of the Queen’s service didn’t rough up prisoners to get vital information that could save the lives of their comrades. Most of the prisoners who underwent that manhandling would have gladly endured a few sessions of water boarding in its place. And, just as recently as the seventies and eighties the techniques used by the vaunted SAS on captured IRA high level targets would, by contrast, make water boarding look like a cool refreshing shower on a summer day.

Well, for the perpetuation of a free, strong and viable country here in the U S of A let’s start blinking at Obama’s pronouncements while we can. Where is our present day two legged  TOTO who can pull away the curtain and reveal the walking and talking Telepromter Wizard for who he really is?


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