Lemay and the Tragedy of War, WSJ 5/15/09 Opinion Section

For subscribers to the WSJ, one of the few newspapers worth perusing these days I call your attention to the fine article defined in my title. However, it’s somewhat misleading in that the purpose of these carpet bombings wasn’t to slaughter civilians. The true purpose was to destroy Japan’s war industry which was a cottage based program spread throughout the tightly clustered population and the death of civilians was collateral damage. Also, the estimates of 1 million American casualties and 2 million Japanese casualties was quite understated as the most probable figures would have been at least 1 1/2 million allied casualties and 6 million plus Japanese casualties.

I know because I followed this war since the spring of “43” when I became a direct participant right through to the end as we were on a ship loading supplies in Frisco for that impending invasion which would have been my fourth. I have continued to study that war and stayed in the para military service for another 16 years and, furthermore, it wasn’t possible for at least 5 to 10 years after VJ day to fully asses the amazing defense that the Japs had rigged for us. Their population, military and civilian alike, was fully prepared from the very youngest to the oldest, military and civilian alike, with no qualifications, to sacrifice their lives for the emperor.

Did Japan deserve that treatment? Again it is not common knowledge that the Japs created an Asian Holocaust in which they slaughtered 17 million Asians; Chinese, Koreans, Burmese, etc. All of this occurred in the several years leading up to Pearl Harbor and right up to VJ day. The last time I checked it was the Japs who nailed us at Pearl with the Sunday wake up call.

So, such theoretical issues as carpet bombing Japanese cities and dropping the Atom bomb can’t be taken out of context by the bleeding hearts of U.S. citizenry who accuse our country of all kinds of heinous acts. This is the same kind of sick thinking that is now trying to crucify our former Commander in Chief, his Staff and the Intelligence Services who have been fighting a winning war since 9/11/01, with the absurd allegations of torture.

God Bless America And Those Who Keep Us Safe,

c p


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